maria’s clothes: a look back (video)


Masha works with Nike Creative Design Director Janice Lucena on future outfits.

On the eve of the debut of Maria Sharapova‘s Australian Open 2010 ensemble, the accomplished Russian takes a look back at some of her more notable Nike ensembles, including the LBD from the ’06 U.S. Open, the Swarovski-ed red dress from ’07; the simple dress from Wimbledon ’04 (our fave) and the handmade one from ’09 that lived under the majorette jacket; the navy blue dress from Paris ’08; the corseted one from the 2007 Australian.

It’s nothing we haven’t seen before, so we were happy for some of the shots zooming in on the clothes’ details. And Maria (who has a mind for fashion) doesn’t just go through the I’m-doing-this-for-my-sponsorship-money lip service, instead adding trivia about each outfit.

Video: Click here.

(video courtesy of Nike)

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