roger federer: a better picture of his nike figurine + his biography


JNP sends us this Hypebeast link to the final version of Nike‘s Roger Federer toy (which we mentioned last week).

Hmm… Did Men’s Health help out designer Michael Lau with the toy? Because Roger’s shoulders look a little big to me…. Anyway, the figurines are available only through a Yahoo! HK auction (June 25-July 5) or by playing the Nike Pro Train Simulator (June 18-July 18).

What do you think of the toy? Tell us.

And just a reminder that the English translation of his latest unauthorized biography came out yesterday. Here are excerpts we’d previously published: a blurb about Roger’s friendship with Sampras, and another on his life with his girlfriend, Mirka Vavrinec. We also interviewed the author, Renee Stauffer, about his experience.

>> roger designs a federer toy + new lacoste shoes
>> roger’s upcoming biography

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  1. Libby says

    I think the toy is cute, but to convince me that it’s really Federer that left arm needs to be half the size of the right . . .


  2. simrat says

    the image does’nt seem like that of roger fed. at all. his eyes r not at all that big, in a matter of fact his eyes r hidden under his eybrows and are’nt visible

  3. whitnell says

    Hi i collect figurines and I like Tennis. I can’t find Roger Federer in figurine anywhere. Do you sell him? If so how much?


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