who wore it best?


(Click on image for a closer, clearer look.)

The boys do London, in suits. So… Who wore it best? And we’re sorry for saying this, but we can’t help but think this might be the opening shot of Men at Play‘s London Balls feature. You know you thought it too.

One more shot after the jump.

(images via yahoo! sports)



  1. B says

    I’ll have to say Soderling because his suit is actually his size and fits properly, the others desperately need alterations.

  2. Magnus says

    either they stop in Bangkok for the night and got 2 suits for one in 6 hours from the asian tour swing or the men of saville row have been slacking off….. so ill fit are these suits and THE TIE is just plain B L A H! could they have not asked at LEAST Paul Smith to dress them in a spruced up shirt and tie/ suit esemble!????!!!!

    The photo shoot with the Double Decker and Umbrellas would have been a cool shot, but the official photographer brought no feeling and atmosphere to the picture… like this group picture above, from Masterpiece theatre….. ive seen pictures of boardroom balding millionaire executives styled better than this!

    federer, normally the most GQ of them all could have tried harder, but I guess Mirka’s too busy with the twins to dress him with sensibility…. its the TIE!


  3. a-tennislover says

    Nando rocks it best. The pants are the right length and the jacket is smooth in front. I’m speaking of the photo w/ their hands behind their back. For most of them in that shot it makes their jackets look too tight. And Murray’s pants are waaay too long.

  4. greg622 says

    did the hair stylist forget to show up for the shoot? looks like they went straight from the practice courts to the photo shoot from the neck up.


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