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With another incredible run this week, Novak Djokovic has upped his title count to five for the year. But here at TSF, we can’t help but wonder if the Serb has it all wrong. Is he peaking too soon? What’s wrong with his training regimen? Sure, it’s great to collect a few ATP trophies for the case, but will Nole simply be remembered as the guy with the big sense of humor who won all the small tourneys? He’s 18-1 in a part of the season that many players dismiss as pointless…

What do you think? Will Djoko win in London? Melbourne? Or is this in-between sort of success going to hurt him in the long wrong. Tell us.

(photo by getty via yahoo! sports)

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  1. nana says

    Well, I wouldn’t say this tournament’s small, it’s a masters series event. He’s done good this year, I believe this was his 4th final in that type of event. As for the slams, only semis at USOPEN is worth mentioning…He really should step up next year. Winning is always a good thing, right?

  2. says

    Event though this is a Masters Series event, I think not only many players, but also many fans dismiss it as pointless. Most tennis players I know talk about what’s going on with the pro tour up through the US Open. Then there won’t be much talk until the Australian Open next year. I’m sure it is meaningful to the winner, but it seems like many of the major players just don’t have their hearts in this one. I think they are worn out, and don’t really care. And they still have one to go. Some are thinking, “Will it ever be over?”

  3. Fiona says

    I wouldn’t dismiss this as a pointless tournament – it’s a MS and that in itself is a huge achievement. Plus it’s not like he’s defeated “nothing” players along the way….huge win against Rafa and against Monfils at home, while playing great tennis. When Tsonga/Nalbandian etc won this tournament it wasn’t called an insignificant win, was it?!
    Finally clinching the W after so many MS finals will boost his confidence, and hopefully he’ll have enough in the tank for London.

  4. Nina says

    Sorry but I think this is bullshit. Why on earth whenever Nole wins something some guys come out to diminish his achievement? a 1000 tournament is as good as any that came before in the season. And that Nole has won back to back titles (Basel against Federer, Paris against Nadal and Monfils) it only means he’s the hottest tennis player right now, even if some are bothered with it. It also means he will be the guy to watch in 2010 and hopefully win another grand slam or two. I think he’s just getting started.

  5. nmccarvel says

    Interesting thoughts so far. Nina, is it ‘bullshit’? Nole hasn’t broken through to a Slam final since the Aussie ’08 – which he won. That’s 0 for 7 and supposedly he’s one of the Big Three. Let’s see what happens in London and Melbourne.

  6. says

    i wouldn’t call it insignificant … might not get the media coverage as much, but i think you have to say he’s the favorite going into the year end finals. 1000 points here is the same as 1000 points in may or august. i think it’s actually kind of smart on nole’s part … if you know a lot of other guys might be “down for the count” around now, why not rack up the easy(er) victories?


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