too soon?



Is this really it? This fall the world will see the final performances of two very different showmen for two very different reasons. Because Halloween is a time to blur the line between good taste and bad and between reality and fiction, we bring you Marat Safin’s farewell tour. This Is It, folks. Whether we are talking about the King of Pop’s untimely demise or the end of Marat Safin’s supposedly unfilled career, we are all left with the same question: Too Soon?

(tsf illustration by troy venechanos)


  1. Carolee says

    Too soon, for sure. But from what I have read, Safin finds a lot of the tennis tour very trying… he doesn’t like the fans or the hassles.

  2. Mauricio Manterola says

    Too much talent will kill you… (like Queen song). Same story for Marcelo Rios. Now some words of Marat: “But I think for me the most talented of all times was (Marcelo) Rios. But unfortunately he doesn’t want to continue his tennis career, because when it’s too easy for you, then it’s boring.”
    The same, perhaps, could be said of Safin. “For me, tennis is not so easy,” he insisted. “But I’ve been working really hard, I’ve put in a lot of time and a lot of dedication, and I’m trying to make it easier.”

  3. Joe says

    I will be very sad when Marat hangs up his tennis racket for good. He has been a joy to watch over the years and certainly has brought some personality to the game. Good luck in the future.


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