guillermo vilas behind Puma's GV series


puma gv shoes
from Hypebeast

For the shoe lovers out there, here are some photos of the shoes from Puma’s GV line, designed in conjunction with Guillermo Vilas.

These models sport 19-91 on the heels to represent the year he was inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame, and they also show a picture of Villas holding a trophy on the tongue. They will hit stores in June and are the most limited of the GV series.



  1. says

    Guillermo Vilas is and was a class A athelete
    i;m a California guy and I can tell you ;his PUMA
    tennis shoe has always been a classic in the L.A. area
    I really hope puma remakes the original sneakers
    his ellesse sportswear wasnt bad either.

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