gettin’ glassy-eyed: marat bows out of beijing


Marat Safin lost to Rafa Nadal 6-3, 6-1 in the quarterfinals of this week’s Beijing Open.

Rafa on Marat: “I am happy for him to have the end the China Open for him like this. So, for the rest, it is important for tennis. Marat is a very important player for tennis, for the fans, so we are going to miss him a lot”

Up next for Safin is a wildcard entry into the Shanghai Masters.

Trophy watch: As a “thank you” for his years of service, the tourney organizers gave Marat a chinese seal carving with his name on it.

(images via Getty Images)

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  1. notanothertennisfan says

    Great photos and great coverage — would have missed this if you hadn’t posted. Seriously, the photos of Safin with Rafa in the background – really touching stuff. THANKS.

  2. Johanna says

    Yeah, I love the photos too – it speaks to the respect and professionalism of Rafa for Marat. And I love it the photo of Marat touching Rafa’s face – there’s something brotherly and assured about Marat’s gesture. Thanks!


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