roger federer's wimbledon blazer, revisited



In case you missed it last year, above is the photo of Roger Federer‘s sports coat from Wimbledon 2006. It was the talk of SW19 for the entire two weeks.

For this year’s tourney, we already know about the Nike outfit Roger will wear during matches. But what about beforehand? Will he have a similar suave jacket to show?

From the Belfast Telegraph:

The Swiss player was asked whether he had a new outfit to replace the cream jacket he wore at the All England Club 12 months ago. “There’s a jacket again,” he said. “I still have to figure out what I am doing with it. The jacket is white, staying with the colours of Wimbledon.

“Last year was only the jacket, this year it’s the whole outfit. I have a bag as well. There’s no hat or tie. Maybe some white trousers. There’s something on the pocket, a crest. The shoes will be special, too,” Federer promised.

Edit: Click here to see his 2007 Wimbledon outfit (i.e., his new blazer).

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  1. Libby says

    I was hoping for an answer to butter’s question too — why the special blazer, etc. for Wimbledon? Is this something required from the defending champion, or a quirk of Rogers?

  2. says

    well, yes, he did wear it last year, and that’s perfectly fine, but why is he going to wear trousers w/ it before the game starts?

  3. RoBBiEBoY says

    The jacket is great. He looks great in it. He, by virtue of wwearing it, shows some respect for the tradition of the All England Club. I love it!

  4. says

    i think its just roger showing off… i agree with rkulkarni34… rogers getting a big head about wimbledon… if he loses before the finals this year i doubt he will wear that jacket next year


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