tennis now: olympics (fashion) and beyond

Update: Erwin here, writing to tell you that I have started working at Tennis Now – an online hub covering all things tennis-related: the pro tour, gear reviews, tips/training/drills, and of course the off-court and style deliciousness that we covered here on TSF.

I hope you are all having a great summer; we’re all excited to see what everyone’s going to wear at the Olympics this week, right? We’ll check back in soon. In the meantime:



  1. Cool will defiantly checkout tennisnow seems like nice tennis community!

  2. Do you remember the old Nike Tennis Logos? Nike should bring that back. You should do a comparison between the Federer Nike Vapors and Sampras Air Oscillate, both are classics. E b a y Nike tennis logo

  3. Omg, I haven’t visited the blog in so long! Congratulations Erwin!

    -Buttersbubbles (Hazeleen)

  4. BTW, nice header :) haha

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