the ladies of the wta count their vitamins

Hopefully they’re taking their vitamins, too! In a short clip, a few select stars of the WTA — Laura Robson, Caroline Wozniaki, Petra Kvitova and others — guess how many USANA vitamins are in a jar. USANA is one of the official partners of the WTA. Before Agnieszka Radwanska delivers the final tally, can you guess which player was the closest? And how many vitamins do you think are in the jar?! | TSF Vault: Videos


  1. Probably that is important for them in the game.

  2. protourtennis says:

    The WTA Tour seems to be more outgoing than the ATP Tour these days

  3. Carson Ranger says:

    is TSF dead?

  4. I just came along to find some amusing commentary on Nadal’s Aus Open outfit, but Tennis Served Fresh has gone awol :-(

  5. I guessed 600 lol. Great video.

  6. wow, I would have won!. I thought Laura Robson would win. She said more than 4 hundred. ;P. The interesting question would have been how many of those vitamines those players take a year, or during a tournament…No idea..

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