shirtless: bod by janko

Move over, Nole. And you too, Rafa… and Fernando. So Janko Tipsarevic made mention during the US Open that the reason for his recent success was that he had finally dedicated 100 percent of himself to tennis — and his body. The Serb isn’t joking around, appearing in a series of shots for the company Extreme Intimo, which makes underwear, nighties and other wear-at-home items. Janko and his total-toned bod can be seen on their Facebook page. Click the images below (or here) to visit the full gallery, which has 146 Facebook “Likes” and counting…

Oh right, and we couldn’t deprive you of the making-of vid, now could we? | TSF Vault: Shirtless

(via christopher phillips/photos from the extreme intimo facebook page)


  1. He’s way too short, has disproportionally short legs & wide shoulders comparing to trunk, and is ridiculously knock-kneed. He stands like he swallowed a broomstick.

    All that was successfully hidden in these photos, so yeah, good job.


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