bonus! nole and an airplane

Bonus: Remember that vid that daredevil Novak Djokovic shot a couple of weeks ago for HEAD? Well we grabbed a couple more screen shots from the racquet co because they’re just that good. Can Nole wear that hat on the court sometime? We dig the chin strap.

(screengrabs provided by HEAD tennis)

shirt within a shirt within a shirt….


(via Tennis Crack Whore)

practice makes perfect: "i’d hit that"

Now that she’s with Wilson, Melanie Oudin needn’t worry about pumping herself up with mantras about courage and self-confidence. A little double entendre never hurt anyone, right? She — along with other players in the Wilson stable including Anne Keothavong (pictured) — has been wearing practice tees printed with the phrase “I’d Hit That.” Available to the masses in time for the U.S. Open later this year.

(keothavong picture taken at the 2011 australian open by Open Court)