it's nice to grow old with someone…

March 31, 2011: Happy fourth birthday to the Women’s Tennis Blog. It’s crazy to think it’s been that long since Marija wrote her first post. Check out the WTB anniversary raffles — including a giveaway of adidas and Nike gear — on the blog.

It’s always a pleasure reading your work, Marija. And it’s good to know that a tennis blog that started at the same time ours did is still alive and kicking. Here’s to another four years of writing!



(image via WTB)


  1. Erwin, wow I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw myself on your blog haha! :) Really generous of you. :) We belong to the handful of tennis blogs hanging in there for a decent amount of years, and it’s great how we support each other. Thanks, TSF! :) And cheers! :)

  2. Happy Birthday! I really enjoy your blog. I listed it on my blog roll and check it out all the time. Great idea and well done.

  3. Rachel, it’s nice meeting another reader of mine :) Although, I can’t seem to find my blog in your blogroll, where is it?

    Thanks, Erwin, for connecting us.


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