summer #2: sticking to (and loving) what works

The USTA has stuck with its “It Must Be Love” ad campaign for the 2010 US Open and has just released their series of commercials that will run during the US Open Series. There’s Andy Roddick and Serena Williams joking about Twitter, Roger Federer cautioning the between-the-legs shot and a host of other players in the interview chair for the 30-second spots.

We’re feeling pretty good about round two of this campaign, which was successful last year for the USTA. The humor of the players comes out, but at times you can feel it being forced a bit (ie the Bryan Brothers arguing who is who). While the campaign focused mainly on players who speak brilliant English, our favorite commercial by far is Rafa‘s in his adorable accent.

Nadal: “I love … paaaaaahsta ahn gumbaaas.” You’ve got to watch it to believe it. And of course, ever the fidgety 12-year-old boy that he is, Nadal is kneading a tennis ball in his hands the entire commercial, unable to stay still through the shoot. It’s real and endearing.

Check out all of the commercials on the US Open’s YouTube page via this link.

(screen grab via youtube)


  1. lyl says

    And what’s even better, Rafa actually can cook. There were many references in his Wimbledon blogs of him preparing meals for his team almost daily in his rented house during the forthnight. He said he’s an average cook, but his pasta is better than in any of players’ restaurants, “no question”.

    He even baked a chocolate cake for birthday of his team member (there was a photo of him in the kitchen, highly concentrated, mixer in hand, whisking up a storm). Real, endearing and… sexy.

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