tick tock: marton fucsovics

For those keeping count, 2010 Wimbledon juniors singles champ — Hungarian Marton Fucsovics — turns 18 on August 2, 2010.


  1. Actually, he’s 18 as of February 8, 2010. You were fooled by the European date format the ITF uses.

  2. Wikipedia gets me again! On the flip side, Chris Hansen won’t be knockin’ down doors anytime soon. Thanks, Colette.

  3. Records he holds:
    1st Hungarian as world No1 in juniors
    1st Hungarian to ever capture a US Open title (2009 in doubles)
    1st Hungarian to ever capture a Wimbledon singles title (2010)
    1st Hungarian to reach the finals of the European U18 Individual Championships (2009)

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