it must be love

Somehow, TSF got ahold of this photo, a promotional shot for the US Open‘s “It Must Be Love” campaign featuring Jurgen Melzer and Philipp Petzschner. It was poo-pooed for being a bit too racy, but we think it works just fine!


  1. @micahmann says:

    Great moment… BETTER picture!

  2. is there confirmation about who’s on top/bottom?

  3. I believe the moment is available for viewing in the Wimbledon men’s doubles finals highlights? Pretty intense! Redemption for Petzschner’s tragic singles loss I guess? I think Petzschner is the one on the bottom seeing as Melzer leapt onto him after match point.

  4. hard to tell who’s on top or bottom. Perhaps this will be the summer of 40-love after all?


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