semifinalists and the city

Sam Catrall, Jelena Nixon, Elena Jessica Parker and Francesca Davis take the streets of Paris for the French Open semifinals. Only, Jelena forgot to change out of her playing outfit for a night out on the town. Rightfully so, Elena Jessica is pissed.

(tsf illustration by troy venechanos)


  1. actually … haven’t we seen something similar to all those dresses on the court already? interesting to note how fashion forward tennis couture can be :-)

  2. wow, that is really scary.
    those are some ugly girls.
    Schiavone and Stosur is a very horrible women’s final.
    so much for tennis being feminine

  3. How is it “very horrible”?
    your whole comment is stupid

  4. elena jessica parker seems to be the only one who matched her make-up correctly with her skin tone…

  5. nikisma says:

    enough with the photoshop foolery, it’s not good and it’s getting tiresome.

  6. i like the photoshopping!

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