x marks the spot: fernando verdasco for calvin klein

Where do we sign? You know that we here at TSF are split about our love for Fernando Verdasco (and after a recent trip to New Haven, I think I snapped Nick out of his, ahem, FeVer) — but consider us converts after seeing these preview pics of the Spaniard showing off his goods in Calvin Klein underwear.

Calvin Klein X is a new range of men’s briefs being marketed around the world, and they’ve signed on Kellan Lutz (one of them Twilight vampires), Mehcad Brooks (True Blood), and soccer player Hidetoshi Nakata along with Verdasco to promote the line.

Set your alarm: Our mice will be clicking over to xmarkyourspot.com to see more of these guys’ goods (shot by Mikael Jansson) on February 15. A belated Valentine’s Day present for everyone.

More: Pics of the other guys after the cut.

(tip via Kenneth; images via latimes.com)


  1. MY GOD!!! Fernando is just so breathtaking!!! Gimme gimme gimme!!!!

  2. So HOT this Fernando… and the other guys aren’t bad either…

  3. when were we ever split over fever? i can tell you i still have and always have had the fever … in fact, i think my temperature just spiked a bit.

  4. Now if only we could persuade Fernando to play matches like that.

  5. he is so hot!


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