sunday survey: who will take more?

Major titles? Serena Williams or Roger Federer? It’s currently 16-12, Rog. What do you think? Tell us!

(getty images via tsf)


  1. I’m thinking Roger. He’s less broken and has less competition.

  2. Does it matter? Roger is setting a new record with every title in the men’s game but he trails three women for singles titles. Serena is now #4 on the list, eclipsing Margaret Court’s 11 titles. Chris and Martina are tied at #2 with 18 and sitting way up on top is Steffi with 22!

  3. Hard to say. They’ll both be winning more that’s for sure.

  4. RF…

    Serena is 28 and err…more prone to injury.
    Besides, the competition is more stiff.

    Unless Serena loses like 30kg and give less pressure to her legs….hehe

  5. i vote roger, but i don’t think he can get to steffi’s 22. i say he ends up with 19-20.

  6. Serena would have maybe a chance to reach Federer if she was 5-6 years younger. Being the same age and prone to injuries it would be very difficult. On the other hand Federer also has a stronger to prevent him from winning to many more. So it’s tough to predict but i would go with No Chance.

  7. I say 20 for Rodge and 15/17 for Serena! I agree that she is more prone to injuries.

    I think they’re BOTH fantastic champions.

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