hazards of the job

Tennis’ favorite Keebler elf was helping out with the Roger/Andy match. Here’s hoping that neither throats nor balls become collateral damage this time around.


  1. Selfishly, I really wanted her to call foot fault during the tiebreak. It would’ve just been… whoa.

  2. Wow! GOOD EYES! I was watching in HD this morning and didn’t even notice. Tennis’s current best-kept secret??? The Keeb’s name!

  3. Exactly Ryan!! Imagine if she call out on RF on a 2nd serve and gift Andy the 3rd set…

    Wow!! That will be RF’s turn to do an outrage..

    And that will POT calling Kettle black..

    Remember how RF slammed Serena a/f the SF?

  4. There is NO contest here between Serena and RF. Serena accosted a lines woman who was half her size. She used the “f” word and threatened her. RF said”I’ll talk when I want to”, sitting down, toweling off. the the umpire.
    I don’t think Fed is perfect, but in this case, he was far less ominous than Serena.

  5. I sort of hate that woman, seriously. I’m not saying that what Serena did was *semantically* OK but, gosh ah yeah I really can stand the woman and I’m pretty sure whe would not have *dared* do that to ATP dudes, let alone Fed, even if he footfaulted for the 37th time in a row…..

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