“and then, in 1997…”


Andre breaks the news.

(tsf illustration by troy venechanos)


  1. Really, who cares? So he used meth, it was during his days in the “challengers” events. Safin says that Andre should give back the titles and monies earned…LAME.

  2. Agreed… Who gives a s**t… Ppl should really move on

  3. Who gives a shit? Well, for starters, all those who suspected him since always of doping and of ATP looking the other way. Now that he actually admitted to using meth, who is to know what else did he use and got away with it. Dopers are notorious liars.

    As to giving back titles and monies, it was Safin basically saying Andre is faking this whole psychobabble thing of taking the burden of lies from his shoulders after 12 years. He cannot be punished anymore, so he can calmly proceed with attention seeking and money grab.

  4. something tells me andre probably doesn’t need the money … and a lot of it he does get will probably go to his school/charity.

  5. Oh my gosh. do you know Troy Venechanos…?!!? I’ll check with him if that’s the same guy! Brilliant.

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