au revoir, marat


Marat Safin waved good bye to the world of tennis today at the Paris Masters Series, losing in a hard-fought battle to Juan Martin del Potro, 6-4 in the third. Will the King of Moods be back? Guess we’ll have to wait and see.

(photo by Alison Haltenhof via flickr)


  1. Nice pic, thanks.

  2. We’ll miss you Marat!

  3. I wonder who will be the next player to break as many racquets as he has….apparently it’s estimated that during his career, he has broken $19K worth of equipment.


  1. [...] Safin, who bowed out of the ATP tour three months ago (losing his last singles match against in Bercy), is set to make his debut next month on the senior Champions Series circuit — in Rio De [...]

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