the royal box


In case you missed it on Monday (or just didn’t have the 4 and a half hours to watch the match), Roger Federer‘s box was reading more like a red carpet press line-up than a tennis player’s box roster.

Wife Mirka was joined by Gavin Rossdale, his wife Gwen Stefani and the one and only Anna Wintour, who was taking a break from fashion week for a little tennis action.

Too bad Fed couldn’t give them the goods in the fifth, right?

(photo via getty)


  1. Ummm… question is, why is Gavin Rossdale sitting next to Mirka and no Gwen? Perhaps he’s enthralled by her postpartum “glow”?

  2. I like her, but Gwen Stefani is bad luck. She was also present for Roger’s Wimbledon 2008 final where he was going for 6 in a row. Sorry if I sound crazy, but I need to blame this loss on

  3. tttennniiis says:

    why didnt you mak any entry towards the WINNER of the us open. All i seee is federer federer federer! the only thing you put was jmdp. boy you need to put your priorites straight i thought this was a blog about TENNIS!!!
    i wanna see a better cover of the winner please.

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