size does matter


We guess everything is bigger in New York City. Or wait, isn’t that Texas?! In any case, we couldn’t believe our eyes when we laid our eyes on the chair umpire’s microphone Wednesday night during the Roger Federer-Robin Soderling match.

Are they for real?! That thing is so big it needs its own neighborhood name in Queens. We’re thinking Mico. Or GiMiVi (Giant Microphone Village). 

Supposedly tennis’ biggest stadium also needs tennis’ biggest microphone. What’s next? Tennis’ biggest line judge chairs?! Reminds us of those couches in Charleston, which you can see after the cut.


Mmmm, comfy.

(photos via; Family Circle Cup)


  1. Can I interview you for a piece on Tennis in The National? ( Today or tomorrow would be best. E mail me!

  2. It was ridiculous. I saw that thing and though, perhaps he has a soft voice? It was just weird. I think they should just use the head sets like the announcers wear.


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