kirilenko, out!

Unlike the No. 1 ranking… Thanks to Chris for tipping us off about Caro Wozniacki being the new face of the adidas by Stella McCartney line. I guess the folks in Portland finally realized that while Maria Kirilenko has the best face/bod combo to show off the British designer’s amazing pieces, the Russian’s game (and thus the fashion show that should come with it) has relegated Stella’s designs to the outer courts (and early rounds) of most tournaments.

And all that will change now that the Woz has exclusive opportunities to wear the collection, starting with the fall/winter 2009 tennis range — including apparel and shoes — at this year’s U.S. Open.

“I feel like I have everything any fashionable female tennis player always dreams about: cutting-edge adidas technologies combined with Stella’s unique designs that actually perform,” said the current world No. 9 via a press release.

And with this partnership, McCartney finally gets to design for someone who wins. “It’s very rare for a fashion designer to dress one of the top 10 players in the world. I couldn’t be more thrilled and happy to be given that opportunity.”

Along with key styles from the tennis collection (Performance Dress, Hot Pant, Bra, etc. in pinks and purples), Caroline will also wear the Skynde, whose Barricade V base is redesigned in a seed pearl/dark grape/white colorway.

She’s been with adidas for a while, of course, joining the company’s Player Development Program back in 2007. The PDP helps nurture young tennis talent through a unique mix of advice and support, giving an extra helping hand towards building a successful career. And FYI, Wozniacki has two titles this year: the MPS Group Championship (on clay, in Florida) and the AEGON International (grass, Eastbourne).

More later: We’re in the process of getting a lookbook for the collection. When it shows up, we’ll post!

What about Maria? Wozniacki will be the only player wearing adidas by Stella McCartney. From the folks at adidas: “Maria Kirilenko continues to be an excellent tennis ambassador for the adidas brand and remains part of the adidas tennis family. From the U.S Open onwards Maria will move out of the range and start wearing the adidas Competition tennis products.”

(image courtesy of adidas)

feeling childish

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Did you know that Lindsay Davenport had popped out her second little one a couple of weeks ago in California?! Well, we missed that one, too. The Girl Next Door now has a little chica of her own: Lauren Andrus Davenport Leach was born June 27th, two years after Lindsay and husband Jon Leach had little Jagger.

Pencil Lauren in as Wimbledon champ, 2027. She’s got some good genes.

Meanwhile, former American touring pro Ashley Harkleroad also gave birth recently, having a baby boy, Charles Hooper, on March 25th. The next day, Harkleroad’s web site reported the birth, and promised Ashley would go from “having a baby to serving aces in 91 days.” Wise words from a former Playboy cover girl, right?

Harkleroad’s 91 days were up the day Lauren Andrus was born. But still, no activity from Miss August 2008. She’s been inactive since losing four straight matches last summer.

Keeping things kiddy, Sesil Karatantcheva has slowly been making her way back into the upper echelon of the women’s tennis tour. If you recall, a 15-year-old Karatantcheva took out Venus Williams at the 2005 French Open, then was under fire and eventually banned for steroid use in 2006. Her excuse for the ‘roid rage? “I’m pregnant.”

She created all sorts of craze on the WTA, especially when she claimed there was no baby belly because of a mysterious miscarriage. Since, however, Sesie has served her ban and is now making her way back at the ripe old age of 19. She’s currently ranked 144th, after qualifying for Wimbledon and falling in the first round to Alisa Kleybanova.

Finally, it would seems as though the two girls who made the most noise at this year’s Championships are also the two youngest in the top 100. Michelle Larcher de Brito has revived Monica SelesGruntgate from the early ’90s, and Melanie Oudin was America’s sweetheart for a hot second last month in London. Oudin is 17 and ranked 70th, while Larcher de Brito is 16 and ranked 76th. It’s a career high for both women… ahem, girls.

(photo by travelseminar via flickr.)

it must be summer time!

We’ve just received word that Andy Roddick will be participating in this year’s Arthur Ashe Kids’ Day, to be held on August 29, 2009. As you know, the annual event kicks off the U.S Open. American Idol Winner Jordin Sparks and comedian Will Ferrell will also be performing and participating at the full-day tennis and music festival. (Other talent include “rising stars” Honor Society and Justin Bieber.)

On the ‘tube: The event will be broadcast on Sunday, August 30 at 12pm EST on CBS. For more information and tickets click here.

weekend crumbs

Playing 16-14 fiddle: While most of the tennis world was focused on one 16-14 final-set match, there was a second last weekend at Wimbledon. Two American teens, Jordan Cox and Devin Britton, both highly-touted, staged a fierce semifinal encounter in the Boy’s Singles draw. Cox, of Bolletieri roots, came out on top 6-3, 6-7(5), 16-14.

Picture 1

Cox (on the right) told his hometown paper in Duluth, Minn., that the two boys are “practically brothers.” Wouldn’t it be nice to see an Andy-and-James second coming in American tennis? We’ll see about that for now, as Cox lost in the finals. Britton is a hitting parter for the American Davis Cup team this weekend in Croatia.

Sania saved: From a crazy, weirdo-stalker. Jeez, hasn’t this girl been surrounded by so much controversy for such a mediocre career? Oh, and PS, girl it totes engaged now, too!

Just stop: Justin Gimblestob has been been Tweeting waaaaaaaaaaaay too much. Look, Justin. We know that you used to play tennis and were decently good. But in all actuality, no matter how much you Tweet, you’ll always be known as the guy who made super inapprope comments about Anna K on the radio.

HOF-Bound: Monica Seles will be inducted into the International Tennis Hall of Fame this weekend. We Grunt You, Mons.

There’s no “I” in Team Tennis: The WTT has kicked off this past week for another summer of fun-time tennis. Anyone headed to watch some ball played on multi-colored courts?!

we know what the bird’s been tweeting


So word on the street is that Serena’s big surprise is the launch of her new skincare line, Mission.

Contest: From now until July 21, Serena is hosting a contest to see what you can do in 90 seconds. (We’ve been told about what we can do in 90 seconds; it’s just depressing!) Enter at for the chance to meet Serena and win two VIP tickets to one of her upcoming tournaments. Other prizes include an autographed tennis racquet and $1,000 gift basket of Serena’s personal favorites. Contest updates via her Twitter feed (@serenajwilliams).

TiVo that s**t: Serena’ll be on HSN on July 23rd and 24th to sell…

– Oxygen-Active Daily Facial Cleanser, engineered with a unique, self-foaming oxygenating technology that cleans impurities, removes makeup, nourishes and renews skin in only 90 seconds. Antioxidant properties help fight free-radical damage and environmental aggressors. $39.99.

– Sugar Body Scrub (Honey Sugar) — Refined sugar granules suspended in a moisturizing gel that gently exfoliates the body, leaving the skin smooth, hydrated and healthy. $29.99.

– Restorative Body Butter (Honey Sugar) — A rich blend of natural extracts and moisturizing agents formulated to deliver superior nourishment and emollients to the skin to protect and hydrate. $24.99.

– Lip Balmer SPF 15 (Pomegranate) — A long-lasting lip balm in Serena’s favorite flavor, featuring moisturizing cocoa butter and soybean oil to hydrate and nourish lips. Added bonus – the formula is preservative and paraben-free. Also available in Pink Lemonade. $3.99

(image courtesy of Mission)

who wore short shorts?

Fred Perry capitalized on what would have been the 100th anniversary of its namesake tennis pro by outfitting its current spokesathlete — Andy Murray — will a full kit inspired by company designs from the ’50s and ’60s.

Andy’s items all have his monogram stitched under Fred Perry’s iconic laurel logo. The pieces in white are the polo (with green laurel and tipping), the short shorts, and a leather bag; in ivory are a cable v-neck weather and a cable slip-over. We love that two other sponsors, RBS and Highland Spring, get real estate even on the sweater.

Fun fact: As a smoker, Perry originally wanted to use a pipe as the company’s logo but Tibby Wegner, his manager, said he “didn’t think the girls would go for it” so Perry agreed to go with the laurel instead.

Shoes: Andy and the folks at Nike dressed him in the non-RFed version of the Zoom Vapor VI. Buy: $115,

Scoreline: Murray lost in the semis of Wimbledon to Roddick in the battle of the Andys. The four-setter was pretty tight: 4-6, 6-4, 6-7 (7), 6-7 (5). Alas, the Brits will have to wait until next year to possibly crown one of their own as a Wimbledon title winner.

More: A few more shots, including a pic of his bag, his practice tees, etc.; all after the cut…

who wore it better?

Wimbledon champions Serena Williams and Roger Federer both sported post-victory t-shirts at their respective pressers. So TSF is wondering: Who do you think wore it better?

serena-roger-wimbledon09aRoger’s shirt reads “There is no finish line” and Serena’s says “Are you looking at my titles?”

(photos via getty images)

looking into the crystal watch

Picture 2

Who knew Rolex was a top-notch fortune teller?!

I was flipping through one of my favorite magazines, The Economist, yesterday while riding the subway in NYC and noticed a full-page ad from Rolex featuring Wimbledon’s picturesque Centre Court. I’m always interested how advertisers deal with tennis people, places and things; how they are depicted, what sort of editing they do – but this ad looked like just a plain old shot of tennis’ most famous court.

There was Roger Federer, standing on one side of the next, serving up the ball to… oh, wait, is that Serena Williams?! Yes, that’s right. On one side was Mr. Fed himself, and the other – Serena.

Seems as though the people at Rolex, who put together this ad long before the 2009 fortnight began, have been peering into their crystal watches to predict the future. Serena and Roger were champions this year, something even few tennis experts got right in their pre-slam predictions.

Upon further inspection at the company’s web site, I was greeted by a freshly-produced, full-page spread of Federer holding the Wimbledon trophy.

I sure hope those ad people at Rolex are getting some bonuses this week. They deserve them.

UPDATE: The issue of The Economist went to print June 18th, days before The Championships even began.

Federer’s shot after the cut. [Read more…]