who wore it better?

Wimbledon champions Serena Williams and Roger Federer both sported post-victory t-shirts at their respective pressers. So TSF is wondering: Who do you think wore it better?

serena-roger-wimbledon09aRoger’s shirt reads “There is no finish line” and Serena’s says “Are you looking at my titles?”

(photos via getty images)


  1. serena. it’s a lot more cheeky (:

  2. I agree with jacob.

  3. I agree with Jacob too….definitely Serena!!!!

  4. Carolee says:


  5. definitely the serena caboose.

  6. anonymuos says:

    For a moment I read it as “Are you looking at my titties”? LOL

  7. ….that’s the joke.

  8. Tennis Observer says:

    Two douchebags.

  9. One looks classy, one looks cheeky. Okay that is what i wanted to say

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