there’s always a silver lining

My friend Chris, on Andy Roddick: “I think [Andy] takes losses harder than any other player, it seems. He always looks more defeated than any other player, like he cant even bear to look up. He just looks at the ground, at his feet, as he rushes off court.”

Chin up, kiddo: None of us expected Andy to go as far as he did at this 2009 French Open. He lost lost in the fourth round to Gael Monfils 6-4, 6-2, 6-3 and had never gotten past the third round in all his other attempts.

Don’t worry, Andy, no one’s expecting you to do wonders on clay (and others aren’t even banking on you winning another major!), so that last round was just icing on the cake. Besides, did you see your ass in those Lacoste shorts? To us, you’re still a winner!

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More: A few more pics of Andy during his match against Monfils after the cut…

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