sometimes, sports don’t keep kids out of trouble

Efficent kid, this one. While he wasn’t using his Sharpie to amass players’ autographs, he used it for some good, old-fashioned huffing.

Meanwhile, his dad sat in front of him totally engrossed in the competitive first set of the second-round match between Lleyton Hewitt and Fernando Gonzalez.

Scoreline: Hewitt lost that match; Gonzalez has since lost — to Federer in the fourth round.

More: Two more pics after the cut…


  1. Good blog. I am a firm believer that sports keeps kids out of trouble. I started a site to help kids play more tennis without needing a USTA membership:

  2. no there are plenty of active teens in trouble they just havent been caught because society turns a blind eye towards them .

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