janked out: bartoli defeats top seed

Marion Bartoli and her sweet teeth gnawed at the inconsistent game of top-seed Jelena Jankovic in their fourth round match at the Australian Open. The sixteenth-seed used her piercing two-handed groundstrokes and powerful returns of serve to put the Serb on the defensive throughout the 6-1, 6-4 match.

No more Reebok: Ms. Jankovic and Reebok didn’t renew their contract (which expired at the end of 2008), and instead she signed an agreement with ANTA Sports, a company based in Fujian, China with a logo surprisingly similar to Diadora‘s. (What is it with Chinese companies aping this stuff?) They’ll team up to develop a range of products under the “JJ” brand.

Their first outing wasn’t so bad — an homage to Australian sports in the form of a green empire waist baby doll dress printed with a yellow logo. She accessorized with white shoes and a three-color wristband.

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  1. my money says the chinese can mass-produce the knockoffs at a cheaper price. (note the political sarcasm)

  2. I heard this was the top female-athlete endorsement deal ever, beating Venus’ Reebok contract (which was $40mil/5yrs, I think). Truth?

  3. Nope, far from that. According to Sports Business Journal the deal is 3 years at $5.1 million.


  4. Thanks for clearing it up, Allison!

  5. I really liked the color and I liked the flowing movement of the dress. But I’m not a fan of the babydoll style – it’s out of date. And I couldn’t understand the back of that dress… Meanwhile Marion’s outfit was decked out with so many logos, ala NASCAR.

  6. nmccarvel says:

    I LOVE THESE COLORS! Too bad JJ is just a tanker. Really, I’m starting to think this girl will NEVER win a major :| And that’s coming from a big fan…

  7. Oy. I was misinformed. Yes, thanks, Allison.

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