davis cup: does janko have a new nickname?

Like all the other players sponsored by Fila, TSF mascot Janko Tipsarevic gets a custom pair of Alfas for his matches.

When I zoomed in to see what they’d embroidered on his shoe (usually the player’s first name, or a nickname), I couldn’t quite figure it out. It doesn’t read “Janko”, does it? Looks like there are too many letters…

If this is a new nickname for him, then Fila should tell us what it is!

Buy: Fila Alfas, $95, fila.com.

(photo by Getty Images)


  1. it mite be the serbian spelling of janko

  2. Јанко…that’s the serbian spelling

  3. It mite be “Jankela”, which is a derivative (augmentative) of Janko, meaning approximately “Big Bad Janko”.

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