where the t-shirt ends…

There is a place where the t-shirt ends and before Gonzo‘s hair begins…

…but I haven’t quite figured out where that is.

Davis Cup: Fernando Gonzalez and there rest of the Chileans — Nicolas Massu, Carillo lookalike Paul Capdeville, and Guillermo Hormazabal — play in Antofagasta (their home turf) against the Aussies: Guccione, Peter Luczak, the cute Carsten Bell, and Robert Smeets. More info on the tie here.

This tie is a World Group playoff, which means that they are vying for a spot in the 2009 draw. The Davis Cup 2008 semifinal ties are Spain vs. USA and Russia vs. Argentina. I don’t want to hear anymore op-ed pieces on how confusing this tournament is, okay?

(photo via Getty Images)


  1. Auch…don’t like this…

  2. He’s still tasty and delicious, just like always. :)

  3. AHHHHHHHHH that burned my eyes, i’m used to nice waxed chests, not THAT!

  4. damn fernando has really let himself go. don’t get me wrong he’s not fat, but he used to have a nice 6-pack. he really should “manscape”.

  5. Ahhhhhhhh fantastic!!! Now when I know what’s underneath his shirt I will support him always. Hoooot


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