davis cup: is janko ready?

I want to put him in my tote and feed him carrots all day.

Janko Tipsarevic will play reverse singles as part of the Serbian team in this weekend’s Davis Cup playoff tie against Team Slovakia (in Bratislava). After that ankle injury forced him to retire at the Olympics and the U.S. Open, let’s hope he doesn’t run into any trouble.

Here he is at a reception with Slovakian singer Sisa Sklovska. As expected, Nole is hamming it up.

(photos by Getty Images)


  1. God, all of them look soooo handsome in these white shirts and black suits…one of my favourite combinations…

    P.S. And Nole…yeah…once a showman, always a showman…go nole…

  2. luv Nole again (after the ugly Leryn rumour proved to be media bs). and yes, what a surprise to see him doing this type of stuff..right? actually, it’d be strange NOT to see him being the biggest ham at any shindig. and -lucky for us- he does it so naturally. hooray for Nole! how boring the tennis world would be without him! can you picture any other player being so entertaining and refreshing (effortlessly too) doing all the crazy things he does? i sure can’t.
    oh, and Janko is just soooo gorgeous. yes, i want to carry him around too, and take him home at the end of the day..every day…
    Go Serbian studs!! (who’s the cutie betwee Janko and Victor?)

  3. OMG! Janko!!!!!!!!!!!! ur a certified HOTTIE!!!!

    btw, the first pic w/ the caption does remind me of a bunny! lol…..

  4. Yeah…Janko is our cute bunny LOL…..A like Nole and Janko….They are my favourites (if we’re talking about physical look….and we are :))) )…
    Laura you’re right, tennis world would be sooooo boring without Nole….and for your question…I like Janko more than Victor……

  5. The guy sitting between Janko and Viktor is Boris Pashanski, a lower-ranked player.

  6. Thxs 4 the pic of Janko! Its been ages since I saw a pic of him! :)

  7. lol i’d love to take janko home with my in my tote and feed him carrots. he’s gorgeous, nole is being well nole. gotta love him.

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