Redesigning Rafa

In case you didn’t know, there’s been a lot of talk in the last few months about Rafael Nadal overhauling his image, at least as it comes to fashion on the court. He and Nike want to move away from the muscle shirt and Capri pants — a “hunky rebel” look — to that of a more traditional tennis player: polos and shorts.

Read the rest of this post at Men’s Vogue Daily.


  1. I read this entry over @ men’s Vogue! I must say that I don’t want Rafa to change his look. He’s the only one who could pull off the pirate pants and the muscle tees on court!

    BTW, I love this shirt he’s wearing! I love the colors and simplicity of its design.

  2. i think its great hes gonna be wearing tees. he looks very good in them :)

  3. that shirt is great, and he looks great in it

  4. I guess Nike can’t sell it to the older demographics, sleeveless shirts and pirate pants! and not every lanky kid can pull of a sleeveless shirt!

  5. No way. Don’t change what works so wonderfully. I think his look is athletic and attractive. Why americanise or Federer-ise him?

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