in new york and away from TSF

TSF heads to New York this week to scope out some of the events leading up to the 2008 U.S. Open. Posting will be spotty on TSF, but we’ll blogging over at the Men’s Vogue.

Looking forward to reporting from the trenches…


  1. Erwin! CONGRATS! I’m excited to check in on your stuff at Vogue :) We’re in Thailand for the entire USO. Sending you good vibes.

  2. Maybe catch you there!

  3. Mr. Shain says:

    did anyone else just catch safin call the ref a “fucking dickhead” live on usa?

  4. yes..he did say that $%^$%^$^$^%$& LIVE after his spanish tirade! He sounded like a girl..I didn’t know he had a hi-shrill voice if hes upset!! he interviews like a baritone!! and the commentator apologized on air..

  5. Federer looked like the UPS man this year in his PM garb….not the Fedex!

    He should be doing the Bend and Snap with Elle Woods!

  6. Yeah, someone rightly described it as a collaboration between Nike, UPS and American Apparel.

  7. This is the first time that I actually kinda like the US Open. The other night was awesome, Gulbis vs. Roddick! I must say there are a lot of youngsters in this tourney that might actually have a bright future, I’m already liking Gulbis, although he lost to Roddick.

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