is this thing on?

Hey, all —

Things have been quiet on TSF these last few weeks… I had to recharge the batteries and tend to my non-tennis life.

Anyway, I’ll be posting regularly again this week. I hope everyone’s alright out there!



  1. shamone says:

    Welcome back. We missed you out here! :-)

  2. umm…non-tennis life? what’s that? :D

  3. Oh my God, finally, I was worried… :-)

  4. Yay, Erwin’s back!! :-)))

  5. Browner says:

    Welcome back! I work in Wimbledon and it has been such a anti-climax since it all finished, so good to know you are back feeding us with pics and stories from the World of tennis!

  6. Hope you enjoyed your holidays. :D

  7. Dentonio says:

    I think ‘non tennis life’ refers to his vida de amor…get it Er

  8. YAY! Can’t wait for your new posts Erwin :)

  9. Great to have you back we have all missed you

  10. Carolee says:

    We missed you! I love your photos.

  11. Glad to have ya.

  12. I cant believe they are not showing the ATP ROgers cup on tv

  13. Welcome back. I look forward to seeing your future posts.

  14. notanothertennisfan says:

    Welcome back, now get to posting! I want the skinny on Djokovic’s new duds. I’m kinda liking the coral/light blue combo he was wearing tonight vs. Dancevic and want to know more…

  15. Natalia says:

    I mised you.

  16. What a lovely entry. LOL

  17. yes i agree with notanothertennisfan… always lookin out for something new to wear on the tennis courts… :)

    welcome back

  18. anonymous says:

    Don’t go on such long breaks. Keep posting. :)

  19. Um, has this blog died? I miss the posts! :)

  20. Anyone seen the Harkleroad Playboy pics? (In the interests of promoting womens tennis of course)

  21. Yah i saw them.. they are cute :)

  22. Don’t take too long :)

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