you know you’ve made it….

…when you end up on TMZ.

Roger Federer never got coverage like this! (Someone over there has the hots for the Spaniard. Harvey Levin, perhaps?)

Hmm… will Rafa Nadal boost the sport’s profile in a way that Roger never could?

(photos by via; thanks, Chris!)


  1. aha, I remember when Andy Roddick and Richard Gasquet were both on Perez Hilton!

  2. To answer your question, Yes.

    Gasquet on Perez? That’s comedy.

  3. here:

    its just a photo, but whatever, its basically the same.

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  5. Poor guy. Makes me wonder whether his timesonline blog entry about getting papped turned into an open invite for more. :(

  6. Rafa also made it onto the homepage of Fashion Week Daily today

    but the mention he gets in the Chic Report is hardly ground breaking

    this tennis loving/playing model is quite interesting though

    another gossipy post from the cruel but ultimately funny Superficial boys

    cute photo of him and Xisca kissing.

  7. Yeah, he’s been featured frequently on Lainey Gossip, a gossip blog I read, since Wimbledon.–photos-gossip.aspx

    Poor guy is right, Doris. It’s only gonna get worse from here.

  8. well rafa is much hotter than roger and.. I dont think anyone wants so see mirka in a bikini… =X

  9. do you play wow ? maybe we could join forces :)

  10. are you serious?

  11. thank you bro. ..

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