goodbye necklaces, hello bracelets?

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Marat Safin is not only known for his on-court temperament but also for his necklaces. These days, though, he’s barely wearing a single chain on his neck. So what happened? Where did it all go?

Check out Marat’s wrist! I must say, it looks pretty cool on him!

What brand of watch is Marat wearing?

(image by


  1. LiveTennis says:

    On first looking at Safin’s website, I thought the watch might be a Rolex. The official Safin site claims Rolex to be a “partner” ( But two things, Rolex makes much more conservative watches and the official Rolex website( does not list Safin as one of the brand ambassador’s.

    So all in all, the watch is not a Rolex :-) And the search continues.

  2. Marat’s got rid of the necklaces for a while now ;) And I think he got the bracelet since he came back from Nepal.

  3. Of course, anything looks good on Marat, and I dig the Nepalese bracelets on him. Hoping they bring him continued luck! VAMOS MARAT!

  4. I have seen Marat wear a Rolex and Panerai but this one is hard to tell. Looks like one of those bling bling watch worn by rappers :)

  5. Marat always makes a good choice. He is not just hot, but smart too:)

  6. That’s the same thing I said! No necklaces, now bracelets!

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