Cashing in his ass(ets)

BBC Radio personality Simon Mayo teamed up with Pat Cash to show off the network’s Wimbledon coverage for the upcoming fortnight. (Check out the website here.)

Cash takes it a step further by recreating a famous tennis girl pose. I’m not usually an ass man, but this made me do a double-take. If you need evidence for the physical benefits of playing tennis, here it is. NSFW after the cut…

(photos by BBC)

>> TSF’s Wimbledon coverage…


  1. Got to say, that’s a lovely behind.
    I’d pinch that.

  2. nice butt! … I am an ass man. what a bubble butt!

  3. Didnt i hear tim henman is in the commentator’s booth as well??

  4. Natalia says:

    He is the best man ever.

  5. Yikes, that is just too disgusting. I bet his hands stink.

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