from bubble to petals: ana’s wimbledon dress

If you’d taken a stand against Ana Ivanovic‘s bubble Edge dress from adidas — personally, I was a fan — you’ll be happy to know that the gathered fabric will disappear for the grasscourt season and give way to petal-like pleating.

What do you think of the new dress? Tell us!

Info: Adidas Edge Spring/Summer 2008 in white/mauve tint, $65. Will drop this month.

(Images courtesy of adidas)

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  1. love it! so much better than that ugly bubble dress!

  2. I quite like the dress. Actually i wuite like anything that’s on Ana’s body. I’ve been busy with work the last couple of weeks and haven’t been able to watch as much tennis as i would have hoped, but i’m proud to say i’ve seen every one of Ivanovic’s matches!!

    I’m also trying to convince my girlfriend to wear the same dress (she doesn’t play tennis). Wish me luck!

  3. Surprisingly, it looks good on her.

    May be another story if it was on someone else. Those pedals are just freakin crazy!

    But you know what Adidas? Give this girl her own dress already! She’s #1 for pete sake.

  4. hi!!!!! says:

    i like it…it looks good on her!!!!
    i like the purple!!!!!!!

  5. i love the bubble dress. it suits her perfectly. especially the colour. TO DIE FOR.

    p/s i’ve been a reader of your blog for awhile now but this is my first comments. so yay!


  6. this dress would be even better in a bright colour… as with her bubble dresses. althought for wimbledon i think it looks fabulous. especially on ivanovic :)

  7. Angelique says:

    I love the colour mauve and white I will have to see it on her while she is playing but I am not a big fan.

    And BTW I hate the bubble dress as I keep saying bubbles are for drinking especially if it is pink.

  8. finally! hehe!

  9. anonymous says:

    Looks good. Really looks like a petal.

  10. As soon as i saw Ivanovic on the turquoise bubble dress in the Australia Open, i felt in love with it and knew i had to get it. This new petals dress is just as cool as the other. Seems like Ivanovic gives Adidas the inspiration to create nice trendy and modern tennis clothing for women…

  11. asif bacha says:

    i think her persnality that she wear which dress it suit her perfectly


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