not for sale: maria’s couture jacket

TSF just got confirmation from Nike that Maria Sharapova‘s Dark Obsidian jacket is part of the special on-court collection produced for the soon-to-be World No. 2. (Read: it’s not available to us plebes.)

Throw ‘em a bone: But of course there’s a mass-market version inspired by this one-off. The Match Point Jacket can be found at

Sound bite: Asked to comment about losing the No. 1 ranking a mere week after it was handed to her by Justine Henin, Maria said, “boo hoo” — I love it!)

(photo by Tennishead for TSF)


  1. Johanna says

    Thanks for confirmation on that great windbreaker. I was curious. I would wear that windbreaker on the street, as a spring coat! Oh, well. Thanks for locating another option. And thanks for all you do!

  2. says

    yeah I was really hoping they’d make that available. but hey — that’s how you keep the buzz going, right? If all of us could get our hands on the jacket, it wouldn’t be so special anymore…

  3. says

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