Fashion Focus: leaving Lemaire ‘lone

The side project of adorable Christopher Lemaire is nothing like the work he does as creative director of Lacoste. Free from the shackles of a “brand DNA” (and there’s 75 years of it!), Lemaire turns instead to personal influences in music when designing for his year-old eponymous label. (He was a DJ in Paris before leaving to work for Lacroix and YSL, and before taking over at Lacoste in 2000.)

“At Lemaire, I’m starting from a blank page, everything is linked to my personal sensibilities and it is a lot more introverted,” he tells Refinery29. The collection has lots of slim yet baggy silhouettes (think pleated pants, gathered and cinched fabrics, etc.) My fave is the men’s polo with an animal graphic (looks like a llama?).

Browse: This season’s influence is “[1960s] beach party with a scratch of new wave attitude.” See the full collection at

(via Refinery29)


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