Looking for some geek chic?

Huge wire frame glasses? Check. Zip-up varsity jacket with loud sleeve patterns? Check. Siamese ice cream cone? Check. <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

And yes, I think that is Kim Clijsters on the right.

Now it makes sense to me why Justine’s current wardrobe is so drab — she used up all her style points as a kid!

(photos from src via WTB)


  1. I believe that’s Olivier Rochus next to Justine

  2. wow
    i would never have realised that top photo was justine…. how old was she there?

  3. OMG Justine! Precious, but what Belgian barber was responsible for that ‘do?

  4. Justine was Harry Potter before there was Harry Potter. Makes sense. That backhand is like waving a wand.

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