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Best of luck to Andy Roddick and Brooklyn Decker on their engagement.

I would link to the statement that’s currently on Andy’s site, but they’re experiencing some technical difficulties. Too much traffic, perhaps?


  1. Good luck to the both of them. But…ummm…she’s 20 and he’s 25. I give them 2 years tops.

  2. They only started dating in like September. I bet she’s preggo. That’ll be the next announcement.

  3. Michelle says:

    lol that’s what I said. It’s too fast. She’s hot, he’s hot, they fell for each other’s looks.

  4. Been waiting for this to be posted since this morning.
    It’s sad. Andy’s finally gone.

  5. She’s totes prggers… and if not then it’ll be over before there are any “I do’s.”

  6. Personally, I don’t think she’s pregnant.
    On a side note, I just want Andy to be happy… but on another side note, I’m used to having him single, it’s too weird to know he’s really taken. Which of the men ARE actually single anymore????

  7. backfence says:

    six weeks tops. and no more tournament wins for arod while he’s messing about inside her bikini.

  8. Monica K says:

    messing about inside her bikini…hahaha I laughed out loud at that one. Yea I hope 2 years cos that will give me enough time to slim down and get some work done and chase after his ass!

  9. Good for Andy! As long as you don’t announce Marat getting married… it’s all good! ahaha…

  10. I read that she’s a model. Now that’s unusual – tennis players dating models… So not shallow….. LOL

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