trophy watch: wta tour’s 2007 player awards

SEWTA Tour 2007 Players Awards

The SEWTA Tour gave out their 2007 Players Awards in Miami on Thursday.

Comeback player of the year: Lindsay Davenport

Newcomer: Agnes Szavay

Most improved: Ana Ivanovic (who jumped from No. 14 to No. 4 within the season)

Player of the year: Justine Henin, wearing a grey cropped tuxedo jacket and a rhinstoned Armani tee

Doubles team of the year: Cara Black (short) and Liezel Huber (tall)

(photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)


  1. Is Justine wearing sneakers with that outfit?

  2. Haha… I love the sock tan-lines too hilarious

  3. ok, well, i am a gay guy but every time i see justin my gaydar goes off. am i the only one?

  4. Ana and Lindsay are TALL!!! I love Ana…..she’s such a cutie pie!

  5. I also thought they might be running shoes on Justine, but I think they might be a pointy shoe. Here’s hoping.

  6. dare i say it … justine looks the best?!?

  7. why on earth didn’t justine wear a black top under the jacket

    and she always has her necklines too high

    nice jacket & pants…… if she had to wear sneakers…. why not black ones….. adidas has some cute ones

    i like szavay’s outfit best

    lindsay and cara really could have used some help picking flattering dresses

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