meanwhile, a showgirl’s costume went missing…

Jelena Jankovic - Sony Ericsson Open 2008

Jelena Jankovic at the Sony Ericsson Open Kick-off party on Wednesday.

(photo by Getty Images)


  1. It bodes well that this may be the girl’s worst decision in her life to date.

  2. NOW I KNOW why Jelena looks like she stole the dress from a circus. Well, she went shopping with Bethanie Mattek. Here’s the proof:

  3. sending out a message to everyone; “I will be part of Dancing With The Stars” hehe!

  4. Is it just me or does she look much skinner than normal? She is a woman who wears a full figure very nicely…I almost didn’t recognize her.

  5. She does look thin, yeah. I hope she’s healthy!

  6. I agree with bonniefazzyoo. I’m half expecting some random guy to just jump out from the side an dip her!

  7. She totes looks skinny! But, WHOAH! That is a scary dress.

  8. purple dress, purple shoes, purple cuff….WOW, purple eyeshadow??? ahhahahahahahaha…….OMG! nice tan though!

  9. pure fug

  10. OMG!She’s learning a lot more from b.mattek about dressing than betty is learning from her, about tennis!Good lord, what a pair!

  11. Hahahaha, funny comment, Sor!

  12. i love that dress. the model is heinous, but the dress effing ROCKS. :glasses:

  13. anonymous says:

    Girl looks 100% amatuer from the decision to wear that monstrosity to her little pageant pose. Someone get this girl a stylist and some media training please.

  14. The dress was made to be a ballroom gown actually. She was originally supposed to be escorted by Helio Castronovas (Dancing With the Stars winner, race car driver) but he didn’t show. Go Kelly Kealy Mayton! Your dress designs rock!

  15. Actually, the dress is amazing. It’s all little pieces of CELL PHONES. I bet it took the maker of that dress a lot of time and dedication to make it.

    You tennis people don’t know jack.

  16. The dress makes her look thinner and men like it. Isn’t that what every woman wants?

  17. Monica K says:

    Interesting if it is made of cell phones then I understand why she wore it since Sony Ericsson is the sponsor of the WTA tour and the tournament. The purple shoes make her feet look HUGE whc I never notice when she plays when she wears sneakers or in other shots of her feet on here. Even if she did want to wear that horrendous dress because of the Sony connection some strappy silver shoes would have been more appropriate. I guess we can’t fault her too much she is Eastern European after all (no insault or offense meant because I’m Croatian).

  18. I loved that dress. Obviously, it was a promotional dress…Did anyone notice she is carrying the cell phone that matches the dress exactly. These are the parts that are on the dress and shoes. I wish there were more pics to show the “art” of the dress. As for her looking thin…that is the sign of a skilled designer-Kelly Kealy Mayton.


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