question of the week:

Here’s my question of the week:

Whatever happened to


  1. Yeah, I’ve noticed that too and have no idea.

  2. I KNOW! It was great. If you have any recommendations for other tennis sites/blogs, would love them. I might start one myself.

  3. Um, nevermind. Just saw you have a ton of blogs and links on the main page. Feel dumb…

  4. Yeah, really weird that it just completely disappeared all of the sudden.

  5. Huh, I thought I was the only one who didn’t know what happened to OTB! It was a great blog….really miss the snark!

  6. For me, it was less about the snark and more about how much tennis news they picked up. Lynn and her crew did NOT miss ANYTHING.

  7. Damn good question…
    Wondering what the hell Lynn is doing?

  8. I couldn’t live without my crack so I emailed Lynn to ask. She lost her host and etc. Maybe you could add her to Tennisgrandstand?

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