fila’s wimbledon shoe: a pic and some deets

Fila - Alfa Wimbledon shoe

There it is, folks! We’ve tracked down this wonderful photo of Fila‘s Alfa Wimbledon shoe, which will commemorate the beginning of Fila’s five-year partnership with Wimbledon as its official footwear licensee.

Some details about the partnership:

  • The hard court shoes will be worn by the ball crew, the court covers, and all staffers of the Wimbledon Shop. Line judges are not included in this group.
  • The grass court version of the shoe will be worn by all British players sponsored by Fila.
  • Since this is only a footwear license, Polo Ralph Lauren will continue to outfit all the officials and staff. From the looks of the shoe, the two companies’ products will find a way to beautifully coexist for the fortnight.

(photo courtesy of Fila)

What do you think of the Alfa Wimbledon? Love it? Hate it? Tell us!


  1. Oooh… it’s pretty!

  2. By calling it “Alfa” one expects it to fall apart. . . I used to own an Alfa (Romeo, i.e.).

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