andy parties for lacoste’s 75th birthday

I hope the pro-bedhead camp didn’t lose too much sleep over this prim and proper photo of Andy Roddick posing in Lacoste‘s latest spring/summer collection, because he took it down a notch at last night’s signing at the Bloomingdale’s flagship in Manhattan.

Andy Roddick - Lacoste store signing - NYC

Andy paired the collection’s signature white sports coat with some blue jeans, and even lets his chest do a peekaboo.

More photos at omg!

(photo by Jemal Countess for


  1. Wow, he looks AMAZING!!!!

  2. Yeah, he does! I like the peekaboo chest hair :)

  3. cassanova says:


  4. he looks really fresh even with that scruffy face.

  5. <333

  6. OMG HE IS SOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!

  7. damn he is so sexy!


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