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Janko Tipsarevic - hookah

Oh, Janko!

When/where was this picture taken? Does anyone know?

(photo via Bonnie)


  1. hey E! I got this from his fansite.

  2. oh this makes me a lil sad. i dont condone smoking, but i cant help but love him lol

  3. Oh my god, this photo makes him so much hotter!

  4. It’s surprising that professional athletes smoke. I don’t know if Janko smokes regularly, but I’ve seen some exceptional basketball players that smoke A LOT.

  5. The hookah is hot; he does become more and more appealing the more I see of him :)

  6. Ok, I dont approve of the hookah, but it does make him look hotter!

  7. Don’t they set these up in booths at the Dubai tournament?

  8. omg hot!

  9. WOW!

  10. are you aware that when you smoke hookah it’s usually not tobacco, but other flavours of herbal stuff, and i don’t mean weed. apple, blueberry etc etc

  11. Good point, Sergei.

    Janko is hot stuff!

  12. Angelique says:

    Ferru’s smokes and I’m sure there a lot of others who puff away as well. Yes Janko is definitely HOT.

  13. Not a fan of smoking, but love the effects of smoke in photos. ^_^
    And yeah, hookah isn’t anything like cigarettes or weed. I don’t think many tennis players would smoke the seriously unhealthy stuff on a regular basis…

    Anyway, this is probably the clearest shot of Janko’s left arm tattoo that I’ve seen so far. :D
    Everyone knows the translations, but here’s what it says literally in Japanese and how to read it if anyone’s been wondering about it that obsessively. ~_^ lol

    First: The right arm is written in katakana, which is a simple sound-based writing system used for stuff like foreign words/names as well as emphasis:
    It should be this… パ ウェ ヤ ウェ (pa ue ya ue –> “pah weh yah weh”)
    But it looks like it’s written like this… パ ワェ ヤ ワェ ([wa + small e] isn’t a real sound combination, but [u + small e] is)
    Oh, the evilness of one little bitty line… >__>;;

    The left arm is written in “normal” Japanese, I suppose you could say, which is kanji (Chinese characters) and the hiragana sound-based writing system:
    (utsukushisa ga sekai wo sukuu –>”oo-tsoo-koo-shee-sah gah seh-kye oh soo-koo”)
    A very basic grammatical break-down… “beauty + (particle) + world + (particle) + to save/to rescue/to help”

    Hope that was interesting to you guys… and not at all confusing. 6^^;;

  14. i love all the yummy janko shots we get here! fyi, i know a lot of people, including myself, that occasionally smoke hooka but don’t smoke cigarettes.

  15. astro-girl says:

    OMG Erwin you have really outdone yourself this time!

  16. That tattoo is just like mine :)

  17. just to say, yes Janko does smoke not just from seing this image

    by the way it was taken at the latest dubai tournament anymore questions?

  18. He is so hot, and what a personality!

  19. not sure why, but Janko is simply smoking hot..no matter what he’s doing. There are many gorgeous tennis pros, but there’s something about this guy -besides his looks-that simply oozes sex appeal. Maybe the combo of ‘bad-boy’ (piercings, tatooes, hooka smoking), intelectual, sense of humor, with a dash of missbehaviour in court (check his last 2 matches at Wimby)? Whatever IT is, Janko totally has IT!

  20. Tanjiiica says:

    AAAA Jankooo!

    presladak je, stvarno,, a na ovoj slicici pogotovo!

    Janko is HOT…!

  21. creamy_caramel_loves_nole says:

    i`m sorry, but if you think smoking makes him hotter, you are silly ! ;)
    he is sexy, but, come on ! you must be stupid to smoke if you are a pro…
    whatever :|.

  22. ma ke te fai li cannò??nooo ke delusione….cmq si trp bono!:P:P ciauzzz

  23. yummy :P
    damm he looks so hot!
    this guy has something… i don’t know what it is but i like it ! lol :P

  24. umm isnt that argile?

  25. njegova najbolja slika ikada,definitivno!

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