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We’re giving Andy Roddick a clean bill of health for his first quarterly physical of 2008. Does anyone have a differing second opinion?

We didn’t think so.

Scoreline: Roddick defeated Juan Carlos Ferrero 6-2, 6-4 in the first round match at the Dubai Tennis Championships.

(photo by Getty Images)


  1. Not bad… He still doesn’t compare to Robby Ginepri though.

  2. TennisFan says:


  3. sorry he looks/and has been looking pudg-ish, bloated and generally unhappy

  4. I say pudg-away!! He is finally filling out nicely!

  5. You should’ve gotten a pic of dudi sela at the tennis channel open against fernando gonzalez, every time he lifted his shirt it was heavenly. ;)

  6. Don’t think he’s hot but his forearm is huge! ( understandably)

  7. Vincent Hannah says:

    He looks fine to me.I’ve always thought Andy was hot.Especially when he bends over to receive serve.He has a great behind.

  8. He looks pretty hot to me.

  9. Oh, JESUS…
    He’s my favorite player for a few reasons. :-D

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